Agency Overview

We started as the Oxford Association of Volunteers in Corrections in 1983. Our name was changed to Community Options for Justice (Oxford) in 1991.

We provide non-residential, justice-based programs for youth and adults in Oxford County, with our main office located in Woodstock along with satellite offices in Ingersoll and Tillsonburg.

We have long-standing contracts with Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services,  Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, and Ministry of the Attorney General.

Our Mission is to enable youth and adults who are in conflict with the law to take responsibility for their actions through community work, education and skill development, victim awareness, and lifestyle choices.

Our Goals are to collaborate with the community, courts, police and governments to provide alternatives in the community for persons in conflict with the law, in a cost effective and responsive manner; to provide an opportunity for the community to be involved in the criminal justice system and encourage offenders to demonstrate responsibility to their community and accountability to their victims;
to initiate intervention and prevention strategies for youth at risk to offend; and
to provide the opportunity for members of the community to gain in the experience of volunteerism.