Community Programs

Adult Anger Management (fee-for-service)

Self-referrals are received from the community
Primary contact: John Stevenson

Program Description:
The 5-session course includes instruction in:
Recognizing the symptoms of excessive anger
Identifying and defusing personal triggers
Cognitive and behavioural choices
Alternative communication skills
Conflict resolution skill development
Relaxation and coping techniques
The first session includes an assessment of your anger management history and is free of charge.

What is involved:
Setting up a schedule for appointments (usually weekly or bi-weekly)
Cost of program is $120
Participant will receive a letter upon completion of the course

Adult Anger Management Referral Form

Skill Development for Youth

Self-Referrals are received from the community for youth not yet involved in the justice system
Primary Contact: Rory Offen

​Program Description:
Sessions focus on education & awareness, and developing skills and strategies to encourage improved coping. Programming is available for Managing Emotions and Substance Misuse.

Eligible participants are youth age 12-17 who are at risk of becoming involved in the justice system.

Participation in programming is voluntary.

There is no set schedule for programming and acceptance is based on suitability and staff availability. Please contact Rory Offen to discuss.